Saturday, December 11, 2010

ziyi's bath time

when ziyi was a baby, she hated bath time. she would bawl through the entire bathing to dressing session. it was always very stressful for me at each bathing time. now that she's a little more grown up (2.5 years old), she loves playing with water. she used to bath inside her bath tub and i would have to hold her (lying position) in order to wash and rinse her hair. she didn't like me rinsing her hair and she would wail each time i do it. 

however, about 2 months back (2.3 years old), i started to bath her using the handheld shower. it is quicker and hassle free. i'll tell her to cover her eyes with a hanky while i rinse her hair. she would still cry but she was not afraid of the water coming down from her head. now she's doing even better, no more crying when i rinse her hair. phew! i never thought it'd be this easy! i am going to ditch her bathtub which is occupying the space in my lil bathroom.

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