Saturday, December 11, 2010

half a day shopping and dining with just hubby

we took the opportunity to sneak out of the house on a public holiday few days ago. there was a closed door sale at Robinsons on the 7th Dec. hubby needed to get himself some stuff and so we decided to take the advantage of the extra discounts given to Citibank cardholders. 

we sneaked out of the house at about 4ish pm after ziyi fell asleep. the road entering The Gardens was very jam but surprisingly we had no problem getting a carpark. we immediately head towards Robinsons and started our shopping mission :)

hubby managed to buy some stuffs for himself but nothing for myself nor ziyi. i usually can't shop for my own stuff when he's around. his impatience made me feel uneasy to shop, you know how a woman shop right? everything KIV, and then decided to go back to the first shop to get what she saw earlier. LOL!

when i realised it was already 7pm, i suggested dinner before continuing shopping. off we went to Chilli's for some American food.  since we were very hungry, we stopped by at Beard Papa's cream puff to get a durian cream puff to munch on. it was quite expensive, RM5 for a cream puff! i think it's really not worth it.

at Chilli's we ordered BBQ Beef Ribs, Lamb Shank and Caesar Salad, Green Guava Juice for me and a bottle of Tiger Beer for hubby. i think we were too greedy, too much meat and we couldn't finish our food. well, the food was just mediocre and nothing to shout about. 

the Xmas decoration at mid valley is so pretty! i just could not resist to take some photos with all the soft toys and decorations. what a pity ziyi did not get to see the decor there. 

later, we went to Isetan for a quick browse at the Men's Dept but couldn't find what hubby wanted. so we decided to call it a day and went home to see our princess at home coz hubby's already missing her. not me, coz i really enjoy paktoh-ing with hubby once in a while :D

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