Friday, December 10, 2010

ziyi got bitten by her friend

my previous post on the kakak who pinched ziyi's nose is still unresolved. the teachers did not notice anyone pinching her and when they asked the maid, she just answered "tak tahu, tak perasan pun, mungkin dia jatuh semasa main" (don't know, didn't notice, maybe she fell down when she was playing). 

2 days later, ziyi showed me her hand when i picked her up from kindy. when i asked her what happened (we were still at the kindy) she dare not say anything. again, teacher and maid was not aware of it. once we get into the car, i asked ziyi again what happened to her hand. then this little girl told me, "Henmen bite you" (means bite her). Henmen is an Indian boy at her kindy, about 3-4 years old and he does seem like a mischievous boy to me.

the next day i went to ask Teacher Diana about it and she got hold of Henmen and tried probing him. finally this little boy admitted to biting ziyi on her hand! haiihhhhhh, my poor little ziyi. nowadays i kept telling ziyi to cry out loud or tell the teacher immediately whenever anyone tried to hurt her. 

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