Wednesday, March 16, 2011

fell sick 3 days after her HepA jab

Ziyi was due for her hepA jab and we sent her for the jab on the 19 Feb. Her usual peadiatrician was closed (again), so we went to Columbia Asia Hospital for her jab by Dr. Yong. She had her weight and height measured. To my pleasant surprise, ziyi’s weight was above average, nearing to 80% mark on the chart. I was on cloud nine. I never expect this cili padi of mine to achieve this weight as she has always been a fussy eater.
This time she had her jab on her buttock as opposed to all her previous jabs, which were on her thigh. she refused to lie on the doctor’s examination bed, so Dr. Yong suggested me to carry her, with her legs wraparound my waist. I find this way better and easier to manage her. 

3 days later ziyi fell sick, with temperature so high that it got me worried and we sent her back to Columbia Asia and this time it was Dr. Cheah. as predicted, she was diagnosed with throat infection...AGAIN :( 

i was glad when her doctor said ziyi did not need antibiotic as she did not fit the criteria to be prescribed with antibiotic yet. we were instructed to administer her with Nurofen & Paracetamol, 3 hourly gap, alternating the medicine. apparently Nurofen has an added benefit: anti-inflammatory.

we were told to send her back if her fever did not subside after 4 days. true enough, i had to send her to the doctor on Friday night when her fever shot up to 39c. the MO at the hospital suggested for a blood test. my poor little girl was wrapped up with a huge blanket with 2 staff nurse holding on to her while another nurse pricked her finger. it was so heartbreaking to see her crying in pain. 

we collected the report an hour later and we were so glad it was not dengue fever but her bacteria infection reading was quite high. the MO prescribed her with Augmentin. 2 days after administering her with the antibiotic, she could attend school after being absence from school for almost a week.

i'm making sure she drinks barley water once a week and coconut juice too. right now i am diligently feeding her with probiotics and multivitamins to boost her immune system.

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