Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cakes for ziyi

ziyi is not a cake person. she doesn't really like eating cakes. but she wouldn't mind eating chocolate cake because she likes chocolates. fyi, i am quite strict with her food intake so i always forbid her from eating junk food, candies and chocolates. however, i believe that we still have to let them try a bit of everything so i still let her try all the forbidden food in small amount once in a blue moon. so far she has eaten chocolates but not candies so that's how she was introduced to chocolates and that was where her interest for chocolate cake started.

last night i was browsing the internet for novelty/children cakes. i showed her some of the pictures and she would tell me which design she likes.

me: do you like the horse cake? (she's crazy over horses)

ziyi: yes (nodding)

i kept on showing her a few other designs and she just nodded or shook her head. she likes those with number designs too. so i told her she has to choose the #3 cake coz she's turning 3 yrs old soon. later when i showed her Barney designs...

ziyi: Barney!! i want Barney cake!!!

me: ok.

knowing she is a big Dora fan, i clicked on Dora's designs and....

ziyi: Dora, Dora, Dora!!!! i want Dora and Boots and Swiper!!!!! i want!! 

me: so you prefer Dora or Barney?

ziyi: i want Dora! 

hahaha, she's one crazy fan of Dora The Explorer. so now mummy is busy sourcing for a baker who is good at making those figurines. it would be perfect if the cake can be in the design of a number 3, with Dora, Boots, Swiper and a horse too. i think the cake has to be in chocolate flavor too. i just can't wait for ziyi to turn 3 years old in 3 months time. 

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