Monday, March 21, 2011

super unlucky day for me

this past Sunday was a very unlucky day for me. 3 unlucky incidents happened to me on the same day! so "suay".

first, we went for breakfast at McD and when hubby was reversing my car into the carpark space, he stepped on the accelerator a tad too much and couldn't brake on time, resulting to a minor dent and scratches on the car bumper. sigh!

then i had to rush out to Sunway Pyramid to meet my school friends for lunch at 1pm. after our lunch gathering, i spent some time at the IT Centre to search for a casing for hubby's Iphone4 and later went to buy some hair accessories for ziyi on my own. when i wanted to pay at the cashier counter, i realised i only had RM11 left in my wallet. where's the rest of my money? i remembered having few hundred bucks in my wallet. so i thought maybe i could have left the money at home. later i walked to my car at the basement level and drove to a nearby autopay station. after paying for the ticket, i drove to the exit but unfortunately there was a traffic diversion and we had to use the Sunway Hotel exit instead. traffic was at a standstill and it took me almost 20 mins to reach the exit point. at this point of time, i realised i have no parking ticket with me! gosh!! i looked for the carpark help desk and showed them my receipt to prove i have paid my parking ticket but the guy insisted to charge me RM20 for lost ticket. i was unwilling to pay him of course. first it was because i don't have enough money and secondly, i thought i might have left the parking ticket at the autopay machine. after almost an hour of searching for my ticket (i had to go to various levels to search for "the" autopay machine), i finally found it and managed to exit after wasting 1 whole hour at the basement carpark.

when i reached home at 6pm, i tried searching for my money frantically. no luck at all! later that night i checked my wallet again and i realised my IC and driving license were gone too!! i knew at that instance that my money was stolen at Sunway Pyramid. i usually have this bad habit of keeping my receipts and credit card slip together with my money. i realised one of my credit card slips was missing too. when i called the banks to block and cancel my cards, one of them told me there was an online transaction done about an hour ago. these crime syndicates were fast! they are definitely highly trained for pick-pocketing. they took my wallet out from my unzipped handbag (and mind you, my wallet is the longish type), removed my money, IC and driving license only. my credit cards and ATM card were untouched. and then put my wallet back into my handbag without me realising at all. so skillful!!

all these 3 bad things happened to me on the same day. i hope all the bad things are gone and good luck will come soon!

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Benny said...

Happy Birthday little Ziyi. :)
Hopefully everything is working out for you right now. Good thing you cancelled your credit card fast.


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