Thursday, March 24, 2011

being a full-time working mother

i do not have the luxury to be a stay at home mum, or rather a work at home mum. if given a choice, i would choose the latter. i don't think i can keep my sanity if i were to take care of a hyperactive child day and night. 

since i do not have the luxury to choose my own working hour, i therefore had to adhere to my company's strict working hour. my current working hour starts from 8.30am - 5.30pm and it takes me 1 hour to travel from my house - office and vice versa. however, ziyi's school hour starts from 7.45am - 6.00pm, meaning i can't reach my office on time and would have to leave the office earlier in order to fetch her by 6pm. 

juggling between work and family is not an easy task. waking up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for hubby and myself, getting ziyi ready for school and what makes things worse is her drinking habit. she always takes a good 20mins to finish her 7oz milk. every morning i will be yelling at her "drink faster, drink faster, mummy is late, faster faster!!" 

after fetching her from school, i have to bathe her, fix her some fruits and snacks (thank God she eats her dinner in school at 5pm) and spend some time reading and playing with her. by the time she's asleep, i would be dead tired too. not forgetting there are still housework for me to do since we do not have a maid to help me out. 

of late, i don't look forward to public holidays and weekends so much compared to last time. holidays like these means more work for me. cooking, household chores and entertaining her really exhaust me. i can't wait for ziyi to grow up and hopefully she would become my great helper. 

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