Wednesday, March 16, 2011

your eyes gonna fall out!!

ziyi is a late sleeper and she wakes up very early every morning too. this hyperactive child just dislikes sleeping. 2 nights ago, she was still wide awake at 10pm and insisted to read her ABCs from website. 10 mins later i saw her rubbing her right eye vigorously and she complained her eye was painful. i knew she must be tired and sleepy. 

me: is your eye itchy?

ziyi: no. pain-pain

me: if you don't sleep now and keep looking at the computer, your eyes will fall out (i made the sound effect too, DOOM)! if your eyes fell, you cannot watch cartoon anymore. 

at this point, she looked at me with a serious expression and i knew she believed what i said....LOL

me: do you want to sleep now?

ziyi: yes (extending her arms out for me to carry her).

she lied down on the bed, forcing her eyes closed.

me: open your eyes. mummy wants to see your eyes.

ziyi: (shaking her head) i want to sleep.

i find it so funny and i told hubs about it and we burst out laughing! 

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