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Family Trip - Melbourne Oct 2010

...continued from Sydney Trip post

we reached Melbourne on the 18-10-10, weather was cold, drizzling and windy. hub's cousin (Phelix) was waiting for us outside Melbourne Airport T3. he told us we are going to stay at his sis-in-law's house in Berwick and the drive back to Berwick took about 1 hour. ziyi fell asleep in the car again.

we went for dinner at a nearby mall when we reached Berwick. we had asian food since it was already 7+pm and most other shops were already closed by then. we went home after dinner and put ziyi to bed early that night.

happy girl waiting for boarding at Sydney Airport

Day 9
we decided to stay home today. ziyi was unwell, and so was I. ziyi was having mild diarrhea due to her antibiotics. i spent the day washing her poops all day long. it got so bad that i had to get her lactose free milk. she practically survived on milk throughout her stay in Australia. being a fussy eater and unwell at the same time, she hardly ate anything and was interested only in bread, biscuits and milk.

we walked out to Coles @ Eden Rise to purchase some grocery items to cook lunch and dinner. our relatives are vegetarians so we couldn't bring any meat home.

we love this neighbourhood very much!

this caught her attention especially the Dora & Boots cake :)

Day 10
another staying at home day :(
hubby was getting bored, but what to do.....ziyi was having diarrhea and i didn't want to risk having poop soiled pants all the time. so, nothing much to write about day 10....

Day 11
Phelix arrived our place at 8.30am to bring us to the city. public transport was inconvenient at where we stayed and the distance from Berwick to CBD was about 1+ hour in the morning!

he dropped us at the Melbourne Museum. it was so big that we could have spent half the day here but we only spent about 2 hours there because ziyi was getting restless and i was hungry too. i bugged hubby to leave the place and off we went to hunt for food.

the Dinosaur track... awesome!

without any maps in hand, we simply 'tembak' our way to Chinatown. luckily i still remember some of the road names and finally we reached Chinatown. went for Shanghainese food, surprisingly it was very good.

shanghai noodle with homemade dumplings.. 
very tasty, the noodle is very different from what we have here.

hub's stir fried beef with chilli oil with rice

later we walked around the place and went to Target. things were cheap but after conversion (x 3.06), i ended up buying only a pair of Dora sandals for ziyi only... nothing for myself :((

we 'tembak' our way again and we managed to get to the Visitor Information Centre at Federation Square and hubby collected as many brochures as he could to help us plan our visits for the next few days.

Flinders Station, just opposite the Federation Square

Federation Square, where we found the Visitor's Information Center

Day 12
another city day.... i lost my voice and was not in the mood for sight seeing/shopping at all! but still we went around the CBD so that we wont waste anymore time staying at home instead.

Phelix dropped us at the famous Queen Victoria Market. walked around the place but didn't buy anything here. we left and walked around the city for almost 1 hour and later we headed back to Chinatown for Dimsum. ziyi was very cranky and wanted me to carry her again....haihhh....

some of the stalls at QV Market

we left the city pretty early since i was not very well.... Phelix picked us up and brought us to St Kilda beach. it was a very beautiful place and the weather was very nice too!

little rascal running around St Kilda Beach with her purple sunnies

Day 13
they planned for a trip to Ballarat which was going to take about 2 hours car ride. i decided not to join them as i was worried i would have motion sickness and i don't really like long hour car rides. but hubby called the plan off as he'd prefer me to tag along with them. so we changed our plan to somewhere nearby. we went to Sunnyridge Strawberry Farms but we had no luck in picking strawberries as it was only available Nov onwards. so we had some hot drinks and scones with devonshire cream & real jam... so yummy. oh yea, ziyi had her share of Baby Cino too... it's kids' version of Cappucino, minus the caffeine.

daddy made me posed while i'm eating the yummy strawberry!

baby cino? mummy, cappucino tastes so much better than this!

hubby ordered scones with devonshire cream & jam... thumbs up!!

next was the Ashcombe Maze. love this place, not the maze though as it made me dizzy, but the Lavender Garden and the nature. perfect weather for an outing like this.

beautiful lavenders

then we went to Arthur's Seat.... superb view from this place. very windy though, i had to stay with ziyi near the car while they went off to see see walk walk.

love the view and the weather!

Day 14
since we won't be going anywhere too far, we planned to go to the city again. thought of visiting Melbourne Zoo, but gosh, when we saw the Qs at the entrance, that really put us off. so we changed to Crown instead. while on our way to Crown, we were given 4 free entrance tickets to Baby & Parents Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  Phelix was pretty excited to visit this expo since his wife just gave birth recently. i left ziyi to hubs care and i shopped on my own... hahaha.... peace for me.

will you join the queue if you were there too? or is it just me.

after about an hour or so, we left the place and went to Crown. had a quick lunch at the food court (Jap food again) and it was my turn to care for ziyi while hubby and Phelix went to the casino!! i had to wait for more than half hour with nothing to do except pushing ziyi in the stroller around the place, couldn't even sit or rest my tired feet!

when they were done, we decided to go for shopping! yayyy!! there was this big mall nearby with all the factory outlet stores.  i was supposed to be happily browsing through everything that was on discounted price but ziyi again, spoiled my day, wanted me to carry her. we had to leave early as i was not in the mood to shop anymore.  we headed home right after that.

Day 15
souvenir shopping day...
went to Westfield but couldn't get what we wanted, instead we ended up with a Sesame Street Drumset for ziyi at a steal... only AUD$25! then we drove off to somewhere nearby to a Warehouse Chemist to buy vitamins and some body lotions. i got myself 2 bottles of perfumes a very cheap price.

bought some baby toiletries and the Sesame Street Drumset

then we went to Boxhill to buy the ever famous Golden Boronia Nougats. Boxhill is flooded with Asians. for a sec, i thought i was in HKG or China! later, we went to get some t-shirts as gifts for the in-laws too.
i fell asleep in the car later when we were heading home. too tired!

Day 16
as we were to leave Melbourne tonight, we decided to stay home and walked to Coles to buy biscuits and some other snacks back home. there were so many things i wanted to buy but my luggage will definitely be overweight! moreover, things were not that cheap after conversion :(

before we leave, we gave away the Sesame Street Drumset to baby Shang (our relative's son) since we did not buy them any gifts when we were there. i was glad that he like the drumset. ziyi, oh ziyi, mummy will buy you another set later ok...

we left for the airport early, reached about 2.5 hours before departure time. gosh, i was shocked to see the long Q at the check-in counter! we had to wait for 1 hour for our turn to check-in. ziyi, as usual was very cranky and cried at the airport coz it was already way way past her bedtime. when we were finally on board, she cried non stop again during take-off. i thought i was going to throw her off the plane at that moment...she really drove me nuts!

we finally reached LCCT at 7+am and oh boy, it felt so good to be home especially when i have a  sick and difficult child to lug along.........

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