Monday, November 22, 2010

my naughty little girl

i was talking to ziyi's teacher one day when i picked her up after work. her teacher showed me a video clip of ziyi running around with 2 older boys and 1 older girl. ziyi was chasing one of the boys and screaming on top of her lung and then she climbed up the storage cabinets like a monkey!

teacher:  ziyi is very active. she likes to play with the boys.

me: is she always like this (running and screaming)?

teacher: yes

me: is she very naughty amongst the girls?

teacher: yes, there's another girl who's also hyper, but not as naughty like ziyi.

me: oh dear... how about comparing her with the boys?

teacher: errmmmm.......about the same.

*slap forehead*

i was not surprised with her answers though. because lately i have to use the cane almost every night otherwise she won't listen to me and very rebellious! she's only 2+ now, what a long long way more to go.

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