Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Trip - Sydney Oct '10

this was our 1st family holiday trip over-the-sea! we left on the 10-10-10 and spent 1 week in Sydney. flew with AirAsia to Melbourne, then transit to Sydney on Tiger Airways. It was so tiring! the little one gave a hard time during our transit period in Melbourne Airport. she cried and cried and cried till we boarded the plane and finally knocked off. phew!

in brief, these are the events that happened during our stay in Sydney:

Day 1
we reached at noon and took a cab back to my friend's (Angel) apartment in St Leonards. the cab fees cost us AUD$62.00. the weather was perfect in time like this. i immediately called her neighbour to pass us the key to her unit. the apartment was strategically located near to the train station with other amenities within walking distance. ziyi was overly tired and she napped till 7.30pm when Angel, her hubby (Tun Pin) and her cutie daughter (Isabel) came home to bring us out for dinner. they brought us to a nearby Japanese restaurant in Chatswood.

Day 2
we were still tired and body clock was still unadjusted to Australia's local time (gmt +11). so we decided to sleep in till almost noon and went out to Chinatown for a walk and a quick meal at Market City, which was a short distance from the Central Station. went home before 5.30pm to beat the after office hour rush. Angel was so nice that she rushed home after work to cook us dinner. her culinary skills was superb. i managed to "tau si" and learned some of her secret recipes..:)

Day 3
when we were about to leave the house, we received a call from Angel that Isabel was unwell at the daycare and she asked if i could help look after her at home. i voluntarily offered my help since i didn't mind staying home and let the 2 girls to have some playtime together.

with cutie Isabel... she puked immediately after drinking the apple juice.... and monkey see monkey do, ziyi wanted a juice too when she saw Isabel holding hers so i gave her the ribena which came with her kiddie meal from airasia.

Day 4
we decided to visit the iconic Opera House and the Botanic Garden nearby. perfect weather for picnic and outings like this. ziyi enjoyed herself so much at the Botanic Garden that she ran all over the grass area like a bird let out of a cage.

our first family photo in Sydney :)

happily running around the Botanic Garden

Day 5
our nightmare started on this day. ziyi started to puke at about 6am. and she vomitted like 7-8 times in a day. she had never vomitted like this before. she lost her appetite and was very weak. i was hoping it was just viral infection but....

Day 6
she continued vomitting in the morning. so it was like, more than 24 hours! we decided to bring her to the doctor. Tun Pin drove us to their family doctor in Chatswood. Dr. James Chong, a nice Malaysian guy, consulted ziyi that day and prescribed her with antibiotics (Amoxycillin) because she had inflammed throat with enlarged tonsils. poor baby...

but this girl was extremely cranky and she cried uncontrollably at the clinic for more than 1/2 hours! she refused to be carried and lied down on the floor, kicking furnitures, and cried non-stop! this girl has serious temperament problem. we finally managed to console her and pushed her in the stroller till she fell asleep, walked to Westfield to buy her med from the chemist there. the consultation fee cost us AUD$35 and med AUD$8.80. had a quick korean lunch at the food court and took a train home immediately after that.

Day 7
we decided to go to Darling Harbour as we would be leaving tomorrow. checked on ziyi that she was no longer puking and slightly improved, i dressed her up in slightly thicker clothing. first we went to the once a year festival near to where we stayed. it was like our flea market here and we left after about 1 hour or so. later, we visited The Rocks, Darling Harbour and purchased 2 adult tickets to the Wildlife World.

i had a hard time convincing ziyi to enter the Wildlife World! little did i know that she was afraid of the butterflies near the entrance! i had to carry her all the time. she was afraid of everything there except for the fishes in the big crocodile tank. aargghh...we made a mistake, should have brought her to the Sydney Aquarium instead!

at the fest...balloons and dogs everywhere!

on the way to Darling Harbour

2 adults entrance tickets cost us AUD$70

Day 8
we packed our stuff in the morning and took a cab (AUD$49) to the airport for our flight to Melbourne. i was very stressed again, worried that ziyi wouldn't behave herself on board.

we reached the airport darn early, 2.5 hours before flight. unfortunately, the flight was delayed for 60mins! gosh, i had to find ways to entertain ziyi, so i pushed her around the airport in her stroller hoping she'd sleep. but she did not! when we finally boarded the plane, she refused to sit in her own seat and strapped in. i requested for an infant seat belt from the aircrew but was told that ziyi was too big for it.

ziyi cried and cried, asking mummy to carry her but i had to strap her in her seat! sigh...the crew stood there till i strapped her in and gosh, that took us 15mins to do it. all eyes were on us because ziyi cried soooooo loud. i tell you, ziyi is a spoilt brat, and who's the culprit????!!!! sighhhhhhh...........................i can foresee the difficult road ahead...

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