Wednesday, November 17, 2010

traditional cold and cough relief

i'm taking these supplements to help strengthen my immune system. Bio-Allisure from Bio Life and also Esberitox N. there are many types and brands of garlic pills over-the-counter.  apparently Bio-Allisure contains 100% Allicin powder produced by an enzymatic reaction of garlic amino acid, alliin, and garlic enzyme, allinase. Allicin contains special type of bond which giving allicin its remarkable antibiotic properties. In particular, the properties are to assist the immune system in a number of important ways, including stimulating cells, killing foreign bodies and detoxifying cancerous substances.

Esberitox N is a combination of plant extracts which has been clinically proven to boost and support the body's immune system and help reduce the symptoms of the common cold.  i tried giving it to ziyi, but she spit it out. i may have to crush it and add into her milk bottle. 

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