Tuesday, November 30, 2010

kakak pinched me!

yesterday evening when i picked ziyi up from the kindy, i noticed the tip of her nose was slightly bruised. i asked her what happened to her nose?

zy: kakak do like that (her hand pinching her own nose)

me: kakak pinched you?

zy: kakak pinched me (doing the gesture again)

me: why kakak pinched you? did you cry?

zy: kakak beat you..

i was enraged when she told me about the pinching part. she couldn't be simply telling us that if it did not really happened because none of us have taught her to pinch her nose before. well, about kakak beating her, i don't think i should believe her because she sometimes just like to simply say something..after all she's just 2.5 yr old.

i immediately called Teacher Tan to ask her about this but she said she did not hear ziyi crying and did not see kakak doing anything to her. she insisted that ziyi could have hurt herself when she was playing with other kids. i still think ziyi told me the truth coz if she really fell and hurt herself, she would have told me she fell and knocked, pain pain! 

i shall wait till this evening to query them again when i pick her up. it must be very painful for my little girl since her bruised nose has not subsided this morning. :(

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Cynthia said...

poor ziyi.. ya, must ask the school about it.. can't let them take advantage and silent away..


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