Monday, November 15, 2010

to give or not to give......medicines

each time ziyi falls sick, i would bring her to the paediatrician for consultation and prescription of medicines. i'd diligently feed her all the meds till she's fully recovered.

when we were in Australia last month, my friend was shocked to see the number of bottles of medications i had to give ziyi! she said in Australia, her family doctor hardly prescribe any medications for her daughter unless it's absolutely necessary. they believe in letting the child's antibody to do its job and at the same time strengthen her immune system to fight against infectious organisms and other invaders.

for the past few days ziyi's been having stuffy nose, especially at night and coughing every now and then. when i see my little girl suffering in her sleep every night, i'm very tempted to give her medications for her speedy recovery. but hubs and i still think we should try the conservative way and not rely too much on medicines!

i hope she'll recover soon but if it prolongs for more than 2 weeks, i may have to bring her back to her paediatrician.

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