Saturday, April 23, 2011

approaching 3 years old and getting very mischievous

when i thought ziyi is "outgrowing" her terrible two, i could at least breathe a sigh of relief. boy, i was so wrong. she's just 2 months shy from her 3rd birthday and i can already see her horrible 3 now!

there were a number of times when i reprimanded her and she would scold me in return. for instance, there was once when she made me really angry and i yelled at her "don't make mummy angry!".... she yelled back at me "don't make ziyi angry!"  along with the same expression and gesture as mine. she was not scared of me at all!

one more classic example. last night i told her to wash her hands after playing with her play-doh. i was trying to help her get rid of the dough from underneath her fingernails and she refused to let me do it. this little rascal was mad at me and she splashed water on my face. i beat her on the palm a few times but she ignored me and continued with her nasty behaviour. she even beat my hand! that made me so so mad and i scolded her. her expression changed but she controlled her tears and did not cry at all.

finally i made her apologize and this time she did, willingly somemore. she's a very stubborn person, she normally refuse to apologize and i have to explain, coax and persuade her to say sorry! i hope she'll outgrow her nasty behavior fast. 

we were having our evening stroll in the neighbourhood and 
here she was staring at the fierce and barking dog

 she can be very adorable and lovable when she's in her best behavior. 
but when her bad mood strikes, she can be a pain in........*speechless*

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