Saturday, April 2, 2011

don't disturb ziyi...

last night i tucked her to bed at 9+ pm. she asked me to off all the lights so that she could sleep and i usually stays in the room to accompany her till she falls asleep. as usual, i would use the laptop to check my emails and FB. after about 10mins, she called me.

ziyi: mummy, pull sleeves up. itchy (showing me her arms)

me: ok 
(and i stayed next to her)

ziyi: mummy don't disturb ziyi. mummy see computer 
(pointing at the computer and repeating her commands till i moved i butt!!)

she's so vocal now and likes giving commands to everyone at home. daddy said she can be a teacher/lecturer next time. haha.

however my baby girl likes to give me hugs and kisses all the time. hubby is a bit unlucky coz she sometimes refuse to kiss him no matter how her daddy pleads. poor daddy. 

ziyi, must remember your daddy loves you very much too!

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