Friday, April 8, 2011

food ziyi eats

now that ziyi eats her lunch and dinner in school, i try to give her variety of food and fruits when she's eating at home. i will cook for her on weekends too to ensure she's getting all the nutrients she needs. 

on weekdays after fetching her from school, i will prepare fruits and snacks for her in the evening as she usually finished her dinner by 5.30pm. 

here, she's getting her protein intake from a hard-boiled kampung egg (free range)

her potassium fix...banana!! her all time favourite

one of her meals on weekends - brown rice porridge with beetroot, fish, tomatoes and green veg. 

her fiber & vit c intake from dragonfruit & grapes.

ahhh....this reminds me of what happened on the day she ate these fruits. i told her that we must share share when i passed her this plate of fruits. she started off with grapes (she loves grapes more than dragonfruit) and after few mouths she insisted to share her fruits with me. 

ziyi: mummy share share... (pointing at the dragonfruit) mummy eat dragonfruit!

i pretended to eat her dragonfruit and passed her back her fork. she ended up polishing the whole plate of fruits and passed me the empty plate saying: i finished already, mummy eat something else!
i was speechless..

cheese with bread presented in bite size with these cute animal pickers i got from Daiso

eating her apples while watching tv. 

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