Monday, April 11, 2011

potty training - update 2

i finally managed to train ziyi to poo poo in the toilet bowl.  she achieved this at the age of 2y 9mo. she has thus far been doing pretty well but i realized she only tells me whenever she needs to do her big business. if i'm not around, she would either do it in her diaper if she's wearing one or she would do it in her pants!! yes! that's what she did the other night. poo poo in her pants when i was busy in the kitchen, gosh! i didn't bother to clean or wash her pants, just chucked it in the rubbish bin. hah...problem solved!

when we are downstairs at the living hall, i would leave the old-fashioned red potty in the kitchen for her to pee. i tried asking her to poo in the red potty before but she refused. she will only poo in the adult toilet bowl in my room. she is just plain choosy i guess.

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