Monday, April 11, 2011

our weekend - just the TWO of us

hubby went back to Johor with his parents 2 weekends ago for "ching ming". i refused to follow as i dislike travelling long distance and me being a fussy mummy would be complaining all day long if i couldn't have a proper and clean bathroom to bath my girl, clean sheets to sleep on, the trouble to cook for her in an unfamiliar kitchen and the hot hot weather was extremely unbearable for me! 

i opted to stay back in KL with my sweetie-pie though i knew it would be very tiring for me to handle everything on my own but i reckoned it would be much better than to join them in Johor. 

on Saturday morning, i cooked porridge for her, fed her at 10+am, cleaned the house and we bathed together before leaving for my lunch with my cousin's family. we had a quick lunch at a restaurant nearby which serve very good charsiew. the best-est charsiew i've ever tasted.

after her usual afternoon nap, i brought her to the playground behind our house and later left for dinner at Klafz in the neighborhood.

she was at her best behavior that night and did not come down from her seat throughout the dinner.

she was enjoying the sate but didn't eat much of the rice as she already had a big bowl of porridge at home earlier.

my plate of fried rice

my set came with a scoop of ice cream

on Sunday, i decided to bring her out for a shopping trip. as usual, i had to cook and feed her before going out. we went to Subang Parade because i wanted to bring her to MPH bookstore. we stopped at Manhattan Fish Market for my lunch break. after lunch we spent some reading time at the bookstore and i bought her a Dora book. the selections at this outlet are not so great, i will have to bring her to the bigger ones like mid valley. 

this girl indulge in the french fries and i taught her to dip the fries in tartar sauce. she likes it!

Mediterranean baked fish, delish!

later in the evening, her friend Kayla came visiting with her mummy. here they were in the backseat as we were leaving for dinner nearby my house. they look and talked so cutely, copycat each other words. ziyi tends to be more of a parrot, repeating after what kayla said.

ziyi and i had a great bonding time together. she is starting to outgrow her terrible two and getting slightly easier for me to handle her. she is still very clingy as she refused to follow anyone else (daddy included) unless mummy is going with her. hopefully there will be more opportunities for me to spend time with her alone again. i really enjoyed it and so did she!

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:) They both have the same hair style.


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