Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Organic Oatmilk from BMS

We went to BMS near my house last Friday to get my mom her sugar-free oatmilk.  As usual, I was browsing for other stuffs and I spotted their organic 5 grain rice. I bought that to cook for Ziyi's weekend meals. She eats regular white rice in her school on weekdays, so I thought she should eat better quality food whenever I cook for her. 

The friendly staff there let her try a glass of their children range of oatmilk too. It's slightly sweetened with corn syrup and oligosaccharide. Ziyi likes it very much and she asked for more. So she was given a 2nd glass, but this time is kid's unsweetened soymilk. Tasted just as good.

I bought her the O'Kid Oatmilk to try. The staff told me to switch her formula milk to this oatmilk but I don't quite like the idea of giving Ziyi sweetened drinks 3 times a day religiously. She's going to drink this on weekends only, as her snacks. 

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