Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Angry Ziyi..

Strong willed girl with attitude, that is how I would brand my 3yo girl. 

She got reprimanded by me one morning for spitting out her chewable vitamin in the car while I was driving her to the kindy despite me warning her not to spit it out. I got mad at her and threaten to throw her out of the car.  She cried a little and apologize after that.

When we reached her kindy, me being a "long-winded" person, reminded her again on what happened in the car earlier, stressing that the vitamin helps to prevent her from falling sick so that she could have her ice-cream again. She told me off by saying "NO ICE-CREAM, I DON'T WANT ICE-CREAM".... 
and off she went into the kindy. 

I called her to say goodbye and she refused to respond. Despite me calling her numerous times, she still refused to turn around and just walked straight into the kindy! My girl was mad at me for scolding her earlier. 

Later when I fetched her in the evening, she told her caretaker that she doesn't want mummy, just want daddy. Gosh, my little 3yo girl was holding grudges against me!

She is glued to the TV most of the time, another TV addict in the making.

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