Monday, October 17, 2011

Caffeine addiction?

Whenever we eat out, hubby will definitely order his all time favorite, kopi-ping (iced coffee). My little one has turned out to be like her daddy too, she likes caffeinated drinks with ice!!

Each time she sees that big glass of kopi-ping or kopi O-ping on the table, she couldn't resist to have a sip or two. Knowing I won't allow her to drink it, she would always negotiate with me, asking for only 1 sip, but 1 sip will always leads to a 2nd sip. 

I've let her tried my barley ice, herbal tea (she even spitted this lo hon kuo drink), honey lemon tea, etc etc, but she still likes her daddy's drink better.

I always blame hubs for seducing her with the caffeinated drinks, he could have ordered other healthier options instead but he refuse as he is also another crazy caffeine lover.

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