Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The flu bug was here and still not leaving us alone!

Yes, me and Ziyi. She was down with cough and cold for the past 1 week, not too serious I'd say. I gave her Zyrtec for a few days and she recovered. Too bad, 2 days later her cough and cold took revenge and this time her cough is disrupting her sleep. She has finished her medicine earlier, so no medication this round. I was hoping to let her immune system fights itself. I can see improvement in her condition, lesser cough during the day and hardly any coughs when she's sleeping too.

This morning it was my turn to be bitten by the flu bug! Started off with sore throat and I did a quick home remedy.

I gargled with sea salt, took a teaspoon of Manuka Honey neat, drank a cup of honey lemon (juiced a whole lemon) and popped vit C too. I am feeling slightly better now but can feel the flu is coming and I've been sneezing the whole morning....

Hope all of us will recover soon!

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