Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random... @ 3yo 3mo

Some random pics on what we did over the last 2 weekends....

Went to MV and she is  still obsessed with fountains and balls.. stayed at this area for quite a while, refusing to leave

The little samseng not afraid of height, will climb and jump all the time

Playtime on the bed with daddy and mummy just before bedtime, love the laughing & cuddling moments.. psst...this don't happen often, coz mummy gotta attend to other house chores, this is usually leave to daddy (hubs is better at playing with her)

I brought her to the playground and she likes playing hide and seek

Happy girl

Having our brunch at a Makan Makan cafe. Ziyi tried everything served on the table, she likes the steamed glutinous rice and nasi lemak rice.

I was surprised to see her chowing down 2 slices of cucumber! 

Her current favourite, tomato sauce...

At 3yo 3mo, she has evolved from a fussy easter to a "wai sek" little girl... she is quite adventurous on food but won't eat much though. I still have to rely on the idiot box to distract her during her mealtime.

However, I'm pretty happy with her eating habit now, as compared to her younger days where I had to throw most of her food away coz this girl was not interested in eating anything at all! Hope this adventurous part of her will continue and not just a phase...

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