Monday, October 17, 2011

From a fussy eater to an adventurous one

Ziyi started solids at 5mo and later progressed to eating porridge at 8mo. At around 10mo, she started to show no interest in food at all. I thought she's bored with porridge and so I introduced rice to her.  She was quite reluctant to eat too. Generally, she was a very fussy eater and hardly ate anything during her younger days until lately, when she was 3 yo. It was my most torturous and stressful time with her. 

In the recent months, she has turned into a very adventurous person in trying out new food. She has become a better eater, means less stress for me too. Even when I cooked weird looking porridge (yes, I like to put stuff like beetroot, purple cabbage, leek, etc etc that no one else would eat them) with no seasoning at all, she still finish her bowl of porridge. Oh well, that's of course, with the help from my good ol' assistant, the TV!! 

She is also a "fan thong" (rice lover). She's happy with just plain white rice on her plate. If I attempt to cook something fancy like western food, it will be more difficult to feed her. Yes, I still have to feed her, and sometimes force feed her. She will try everything, but she won't finish up her meal on her own, voluntarily. Feeding is still mandatory.

Although she may not be a very good eater, but I'm glad she is willing to try almost everything.

Here, she ate 2 slices of cucumber, few bites of bread, some nasi lemak rice with sausage and tomato sauce and few mouth of steamed glutinous rice.

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