Monday, November 21, 2011

Graduation Concert 2011

Ziyi's school graduation concert was held on the 16th Nov this year. It was also her very first performance on stage. The hubs and I were very excited and just could't wait to watch her performance. He took the day off as he needed to renew his passport in the morning. Apparently the renewing process was a speedy one, everything done through a machine kiosk and you get to collect your renewed passport 1 hour later. 

We fetched Ziyi from her school at 2pm and I got her prepared for her afternoon nap at home. It took her almost 2 hours to fall asleep, and by that time it was almost 3.30pm and I had to wake her at 4.30pm as we had to leave our home at 5pm. With just 1 hour of nap, she appeared cranky and restless. I made her some pancakes with cheese and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with honey. No time to feed her at home, lucky she liked it and whacked everything in the car. 

Bad day to leave the house at 5pm, it started raining and the traffic was really bad. Took us slightly more than an hour to reach Summit (only 15km from our place) and we were late. We had a hard time looking for the auditorium too and once we found the place, we realized there were many parents who were going to reach even later, no thanks to the massive traffic out there!

She was very happy when waiting inside the changing room. Running and playing with her friends. I sneaked in and took a few shots of her with her friends too. She kept telling me that she's going to dance and mummy & daddy must see her performing later. 

She has a bare back costume, she looks so cute in them.

her best friend in school

When it was her turn to perform, we waited anxiously and both hubs and I were ready with our cameras. We were shocked to see her crying when walking up the stage! My poor little girl had a stage fright I guess. This is her first performance in front of a big group of audiences after all. No rehearsal was done at the actual venue thus she did not know what to expect, I supposed. Ziyi was asking for mummy and I had to sit on the floor, near to the stage so that she could see me there.

The 3 & 4 years old performed a simple chinese dance. 

They sang Krista and Rasa Sayang song for the closing of the concert.

Overall, we were happy with her performances though she was lost for a little while when she first got onto the stage. A very good exposure and experience for her. Hope she would perform better in the future and not be like mummy....I have stage fright too!! 

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