Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home-cooked Food

Some pics on what I cooked for Ziyi and us too......

I fried wholewheat noodle with minced meat, vegetable and lots of garlic for her lunch & dinner. She has stopped using bibs for the longest time and when I put this bib on for her the other day, she kept laughing and said she's a baby :)

She only gets to use my iPad on weekends, here she was learning to write and enjoying her meal at the same time. Bad idea, I know, but this keeps her still at the dining table though.

Fried fish with oyster sauce, stir fried french beans with roasted pork and sambal tumis with prawns and lady fingers.

Ziyi's food...stir fried broccoli + capsicum + chicken fillet + mushroom with rice.. yummy

oh yeah, this picture is just to tell you that I'm currently hooked on passion fruit! I like it better this way than to mix with honey drink. Even Ziyi likes it but I only give her the juice coz I think the flesh and seeds are too harsh on her digestive system.

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