Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Off diapers at 3y 4mths

I almost forgot to note this down. Ziyi was completely off the diapers at 3y 4mo, day and night. She has been off diapers during the day when she was almost 3yo. At times I wish she would wear her diapers when we are out and about especially at places where toilets are not easily available and as we know Malaysian toilets can be wet and foul smelling too.

For the past 1 month (she is now 3y 5mo when I typed this post), there was only 1 accident at night, which I think she was too tired to wake up to relieve herself. But I was glad she woke me up and told me she wet her pants!

I save a lot of $$ now that she doesn't use diapers and I still have 1 big unopened pack of diaper lying in my room. I shall keep it for another 6 months or so before giving it away.

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