Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our weekly visit to Kheng's Kopitiam

Ever since the hubs discovered this kopitiam in Kota Kemuning, we have been visiting Kheng's every weekend, without fail. He likes the coffee and Mee Siam there, whereas I like their nyonya kuih. Their choice of kuih varies daily. Ziyi will definitely help herself with 2 servings of the kuih and she likes ang ku kueh the most.  We like most of the food and drinks served at Kheng's Kopitiam and most importantly the place is clean and comfy too.

Last weekend we went there for afternoon tea without Ziyi. We sneaked out of the house when she was at home taking her nap. The hubs had Nasi Lemak Biasa and his usual coffee fix. 

Peanut butter toast

Drinks and bread counter

My ice cendol

French toast

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