Monday, November 14, 2011

Home-cooked Food

As usual, I will cook healthy meals for Ziyi every weekend, and at times when I have the mood to cook, I would cook for us too. Last weekend I cooked a big pot of porridge for the 3 of us. I've always like pork ribs porridge. But not so much for the hubs as he's not a big fan of anything porky. 

Par boiled ribs, peanuts & ginger (to expel wind)

I boiled these ingredients in the slow cooker for almost 2 hours before adding in the rice. Ribs & peanuts usually take longer time to cook.

Added pumpkin, potatoes & purple cabbage 

Washed & soaked organic 5 grains & red rice for 2 hours before cooking

The porridge was sweet and fragrant with minimal seasoning used. I like it garnished with fried shallots. I forgot to take a pic of the final product though :)

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Adeline said...

Hey, can you give me some recipes on what kind of porridge I should make Gaven? He is 10 months old now, I have no idea what to make him. You are so good at these, maybe you can give me some tips. What did you feed Ziyi when she was a baby?


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