Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Sterimar Ordeal

Ziyi's pediatrician swears by it! Each time we go to him for minor cough & cold, he will advise us to use the Sterimar nasal spray for Ziyi.  

My first attempt with this on Ziyi was in Feb '11. I gave up after that very first attempt! She screamed, ran, shouted and wailed! I gave the Sterimar to my mom instead and she said it was very effective on clearing her stuffy nose.

This time around, Ziyi was dragged to the Doc's office again when she had a cough for almost 2 weeks, from dry to wet cough. Doc diagnosed her and commented that her case was post nasal drip, thus causing the phlegm. Funny though, she did not have any flu or cold, just coughing at night. But anyhow, the doctor is still the expert in this and I'll just have to trust him and followed his instructions. 

We were told to administer her with Zyrtec and spray her nose with the Sterimar twice a day. I had a hard time explaining, bribing & threatening her but she still refused to let me use the spray. I still managed to do it once a day before her bedtime with some force and threats though. After doing it forcefully for 4 days, when I thought of giving up, she willingly allowed me to spray her nose instead! She was even very proud of herself and announced to everyone that she was a brave girl. 

I think one has to get used to it and it caused just a slight discomfort to your nose......I actually haven't used this before and dare not try it on my own too..........hehehe.

This pic was taken when she was still having her cough, but I allowed her to have her occasional indulgence.... marshmallow dipped with melted choc, choc cakes, fruits, buns, crackers, and the most forbidden of all, 1 scoop of ice cream! She was a happy child that night!

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Cheryl said...

I use Sterimar a lot, it is great for stuffy noses. I make it into a game and first spray it in the air so that it "rains" (it's only seawater so nothing dangerous or nasty)then move on to making it "rain up your nose", usually accompanied by the song "raindrops keep squirting up my nose" !!

(PS I blogged some advice here too, which may help ? http://madhousefamilyreviews.blogspot.com/2011/11/top-tips-to-unblock-little-noses-with.html )


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