Thursday, September 15, 2011

Threats & Rewards

Disciplining my little rascal ain't easy. She is one hard-headed person with very strong will. Got character eh... but real difficult dealing with her especially when she has an impatient mother like me!

Lately I have been threatening her quite a bit and that really works on her. For instance, I'd tell her she's not supposed to touch any power plugs/sockets else she'll turn into a skeleton, just like the Korean Cartoon character, Nado (she saw Nado turning into skeleton on the iPad game). 

I sometimes tell her that if she runs around in the mall without holding my hand, the bad guys will catch her, chop off her limbs and let the stray dogs eat her up. And if she doesn't finish up her milk/food, she will be punished by Jesus for wasting food.

She will be very scared when I make up stories like this to threaten her! 

After using threats on her for a few times, I began to realize that I might be overdoing it. Will she think the world is such a scary place to live in? Will she become a bully herself by threatening the weak when she grew up? I seriously have to stop using all these threats and be more patience in dealing with her..

On the other hand, I try to praise and reward her with lots of kisses and hugs and her favorite food whenever she's obedient and responds to my request promptly.  

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