Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ziyi on a breakfast protest

Yesterday when I picked her up from her kindy, the caretaker told me that Ziyi refused to eat her breakfast provided by the kindy. They served crackers to everyone yesterday. 

I later found out that's because her best friend Su Jien (a boy 1 yr older than her) brought his own breakfast (cake) and Ziyi wants her own food in her own container too!  I just bought her a new Thomas container and she wanted to use it. This hard-headed girl just refused to eat anything no matter how much the teachers tried to persuade her.

Right after fetching her from kindy I had to detour to the bakery shop to buy her a cake for her to bring to kindy today. She was so happy when I reminded her that she has her Thomas container in her school bag this morning. She even told her father that she wants to show her Thomas to her friends!

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