Friday, September 2, 2011

hubby's car broke down

Unfortunately, hubby's car broke down on Monday evening when he was about to leave his office. But, we were lucky because it happened on the eve of Raya so the traffic condition was still acceptable. I had to drive down to KL to rescue him.  While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, hubs showed her around his office building and Ziyi thought it was a fun outing for her. She was busy going up and down the staircase and ramp and going in and out of the building using the 2 different entrances. 

I took the opportunity to capture a few shots of her since we could view the KLCC tower beautifully lit up from this location. 

Her sharp eyes spotted a fountain across the road 

Finally reached the car workshop after a long wait and hubs was reversing his car into the workshop.

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