Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BB Leanne's birthday party

Continuation from our long Raya break. My cousin came visiting from JB with his 3yo son, Nathan. This time they stayed at my place as my in laws were away for the week (yay yay yay!!!) 

We went shopping for BB Leanne's birthday presents at The Gardens. Had tea break at Alexis, their Tiramisu was so good! 

BB Leanne's birthday party was held on the 1st Sept, at Fullhouse Sunway Giza. That's her 1st birthday celebration and the venue was nicely decorated.  The kids were having so much fun running and jumping around.

ziyi was happy smiling here because she got her favorite blue color balloon

Her current craze over boy's toys...fav blue color, fav Thomas & Friends character. This bottle was a gift from my cousin and she initially chose a red one for Ziyi and a blue for her son Nate. Ziyi was screaming on top of her lung when she saw her red bottle, she obviously wanted a blue, and must be dark blue, not even light sweet blue tone. sigh....

The birthday girl......cutie pie Leanne!

Another cutie here....BB Elise, a month younger than Leanne, do they lookalike? they are cousin sis!

 Ziyi and her new found friend, Summer Jean...her name is sophisticated eh? can you believe it that her lil bro's name is Tyler Winter? :D

Nate and Ziyi, lovely don't they?

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