Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bro in law's Wedding Dinner cum party

It was an eventful yet tiring weekend for all of us. Apparently this past weekend was considered "good day", many couples tied their knots on this day and many like us who received "summons" too!

It was my bro in law's wedding dinner on Sunday night, but there was already a buffet session on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (after the tea ceremony session).  Ziyi kept asking me what's going on at home, why they set up a tent, etc etc.... I told her there will be a party held at home and she thought it was her birthday party! LOL

On a side note, Ziyi's been very cheeky lately. The other day when I asked her to help me put her own dirty clothes into the laundry basket, she took her clothes, walked and stopped half way, then she looked at me:

Ziyi:  "I cannot, it's too heavy"
Me:   No, it's not heavy and see, you are holding it.

Without thinking, she immediately dropped her clothes on the floor and repeated her statement
"It's too heavy".

I was speechless and shocked with her action and replies!  

Ziyi at the entrance of the restaurant. She insisted on bringing her own handbag too, filled with her toy lipstick, mirror, bangle and dollar note!

Enjoying her milkie while waiting for the dinner to start

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