Friday, September 23, 2011

An evening at the park

My girl is an hyperactive child, at least she is to me, since baby. She could never stop except when she's sleeping. She needs lots of outdoor activity to help drain her energy, lest she'll be draining mine if I were to entertain her at home.

She loves the park and playground too, which kid doesn't anyway. But I dreaded it because she never want to leave the place even after spending more than an hour there. I always try to find excuses not to bring her out to the park whenever I can (bad mummy).

One evening, I felt guilty for not bringing her out for quite some time. So I brought her out to the park and seeing the expression on her face was priceless!  She was so happy running and jumping around the park, climbing up and down those exercise bars/equipments provided at the park. 

We went to see others feeding the fishes at the lake too. And she said this to me: "Remember? Ziyi and Kayla feed the fishes at the shake shake bridge?" LOL... She was trying to recall what she did with her friend last week at a park in Bandar Botanic. And why shake shake bridge you may ask.. that's because she watched her Thomas & Friends CD, Wobbly Shaking Bridge! 

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